There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home!! This makes your home an inimitable unique asset. However, there could be times when your home would be vulnerable to many a risk and contingency. With Home Insurance Policy we bring you the simple yet extensive insurance cover you deserve that is also affordable at the same time.

What’s Covered Under Home Insurance Policy

Home Insurance

Structural Cover

It cover the costs you might have to incur to reconstruct or repair the damaged part in case it gets severely damaged

Fire cover

Fire Cover

It gives you coverage for your home, its contents, or both against unforeseeable natural calamities and accidents.

Contents Cover

Contents cover

This policy covers loss/damage to your furniture and fixtures, movable & immovable electronic items, kitchen items, clothing and personal belongings as well as other products that you have insured.

Natural Calamities and Manmade Hazards

Natural Calamities & Manmade Hazards

Troubled times can affect your home as well as your peace of mind. Keep it financially secure with our home shield insurance plan against floods, cyclones, strikes, riots, terrorism, and malicious acts.

Portable Equipment Cover

Portable equipment cover

This policy covers any accidental loss or damage to ‘portable equipment’ anywhere in India. This cover can be extended globally by paying an additional premium.

Jewellery and Valuable covers

Jewelry and valuable cover

This policy covers accidental loss or damage to ‘jewellery and valuables’ anywhere in India. This cover can be extended globally by paying an additional premium.

work of art cover

Curios, works of art, and paintings cover

This policy covers accidental loss or damage to ‘curios, works of art and paintings’ whilst stored or lying in your building. The valuation of the items will be done by a government-approved valuer and approved by us.

Burglary Cover

Burglary & Theft cover

This policy covers your home against loss from burglary and theft. It compensates you for any stolen goods and valuables

Alternate accomodation

Alternate Accommodation

Get shifting expenses, rent for alternative/hotel accommodation, emergency purchases, and brokerage in case your home becomes unfit for living because of any covered cause of loss.

Worldwide Cover

Worldwide Cover

We will provide extensive coverage within India and try to minimize your losses to the best of our abilities. Upon payment of a nominally higher premium, we will be happy to extend you Worldwide Coverage for portable equipment jewelry, and other valuables.

Add On Covers In Home Insurance

Loss of Rent

Loss Of Rent

In case your rental property gets destroyed due to some peril, and your tenant vacates it for which you stop receiving the rent, we will compensate you for the amount lost till the time the property remains unfit to live in.

Temporary Resettlement Cover

Resettlement Cover

In case your house gets destroyed due to some incident such as fire, floods, etc and you need to move to an alternate accommodation, we will indemnify you for the transport and packing costs.

Key and Locks Replacement Cover

Keys & Locks
Replacement Cover

If your house is broken into, or the keys of your house or vehicle get stolen, we will reimburse the expenses of the locksmith.

ATM Withdrawal Robbery Cover

ATM Withdrawal
Robbery Cover

In case we get robbed right after our withdraw money from the ATM, insurance will compensate for the amount lost due to the robbery.

lost Wallet Cover

Lost Wallet

If our wallet gets lost or stolen, insurance will pay us the replacement cost for it as well as the cost of application for lost papers and cards that were present in the wallet.


Dog Insurance Cover

Dog Insurance

If our pet dog dies due to accident and/or diseases contracted during the period of insurance, we get the fixed amount for your loss.


Public Liability Cover

Public Liability

If we use or occupy a place for residential purposes, and someone gets injured or their property gets damaged, public liability cover will pay the cost that may be incurred to fix those damages.

Employee's Compensation cover

Compensation Cover

In case an employee meets with an accident and gets injured during his employment period, he will be compensated for it.

What’s not covered in Home Insurance Policy


Loss/Damages arising of events including war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostile. are not covered.

Third Party Construction Loss

third party construction loss

Any damage caused to your property due to third party construction is not covered.

Under Construction

Under construction

Home insurance cover is for your home where you reside any under-construction property will not be covered.

Consequential Loss

Consequential Loss

A consequential loss is an indirect adverse impact caused by damage to business property or equipment. A consequential loss policy or clause will compensate the owner for this lost business income. This type of insurance is also called business interruption or business income insurance.

Willful Misconduct

Willful Misconduct

We ensure your unforeseen losses are covered, however if the damage is willfully conducted then it is not covered

Old Content

Old Content

We understand that all your precious possessions hold emotional value but anything that’s over 10 years old will not be covered under this home insurance policy.


You can Insure the property in the name of the actual owner of the house. Also, you can jointly get in insured in the name of the owner and yourself.

Property under construction cannot be covered under Home Insurance. Also, Kutcha construction is not be covered.

In case of a Burglary claim an FIR is a mandatory requirement.

Your home belongings are being covered on Replacement basis, New for old. Value of contents should be equal to cost of buying a new content of similar make, model, capacity in today’s date. This may be more or less than the cost at which it was purchased it in earlier time. For Sum insured upto 10 lakhs we cover you on Loss limit.

Fire due to blast in gas cylinder will be covered under Home policy.

Yes each one of them can have a separate home insurance for their part of asset.